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Information for visitors

Welcome to the harbour

Welcome to Visitors

The harbour, although strictly private property, welcomes all visitors. The harbour is primarily a working harbour for the boats and yachts that are kept there and, consequently, visitors are asked to take sensible care when in and around the boats and the cradles.

The harbour is a popular place for fishermen, bird (and dolphin) watchers and walkers either enjoying the view or passing through on the Fife Coastal Path.

Visitors and their vessels entering from the river will find the following information helpful.

Marine Visitors: Contacting and Visiting the Harbour

Please contact the harbour before arrival, if at all possible. The berthing officer can be contacted on phil.tayportharbour@gmail.com or on 07811328955, failing that, the chairman of the Trust can be contacted on tayportharbourtrust@yahoo.co.uk

The harbour entrance is marked by a fairway buoy at the edge of deep water approximately 100 m from the harbour wall. Leading marks are given by two dayglo yellow triangles - one on the slipway wall and one set back on a pole, on a bearing of 185 degrees true. The entrance walls are painted white on either side to make then easier to see. The East wall, the roundhead, is marked with a red and white striped pole which is lit  by a red flashing light at night  Fl R 5s (fl 1.0s, ec 4.0s). The West and inner wall is marked with a green and white pole which is lit by a green flashing light at night Fl G 5s (fl 1.0s, ec 4.0s). The channel is narrow at lower tides. (The picture shows the channel into the harbour at low water in 2015)

The harbour is accessible approx. 4hrs either side of high water, the harbour starts to dry at about 0.5m below chart datum (in 2016) into soft mud which all keels settle into with no problems.


The harbour has pontoon berthing for 88 yachts plus visitor berthing for 7 yachts. Berthing for visitors is at present £16 per night. Where possible, berthing on pontoons will be arranged but this cannot be guaranteed (if, for example, no members of the harbour are away from their berths at the time of the visit).

Harbour Facilities

Water, power and rubbish disposal are all available on the harbour walls.

The harbour has a shower and toilet block accessible 24hrs a day. The key codes for the block are obtainable from the berthing officer.

Tayport and Local Facilities

There is available within 200m a good supermarket, pharmacist, ironmongers, post office and cash machine. A good chandler can be found within 3 miles (in Newport-on-Tay). The harbour also has a great café which serves lunches and snacks. The Bell Rock Tavern sells real ale and good pub food. Cobbies Inn also does meals which are well-commented upon. Golf is available in Tayport, St Michaels and St Andrews. The town hosts both a dentist and a doctors practice.

Buses run to St Andrews and to Dundee and train connections to the North, South and West are available from Leuchars and Dundee.


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