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Harbour Scenic

Berths in Tayport Harbour

Are you looking for a berth?

The Waiting List

The harbour has approximately 100 permanent berths. 60 of these are held by members of the Tayport Harbour Trust and the remainder are held by Associate Berth-holders. Berth-holders are elected to the Trust as positions on the Trust become vacant.

In addition, the harbour maintains a waiting list for berths. This currently (Jan 2018) stands at about 25 boats and is currently closed.  If you are looking for a permanent berth, the only advice is to keep in touch and try again in due course. This waiting list is unlikely to be cleared during 2018.

Temporary berths can often be accommodated. Overnight visitors are welcomed. Longer term berths (say a week or so) may be possible during the summer; winter berths are often that bit easier.


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